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 These general conditions of sale apply to all sales made through the website www.french-baskets.com. All commercial transactions taking place on the Website are french-baskets.com necessarily subject to these conditions of sale. Moroccan french-baskets amend these Terms and Conditions at any time, without the contracts outstanding at the time of these changes are concerned. French-baskets is a registered trademark and protected by the laws Moroccan, French and international. French-baskets not be held responsible for abuses that others may do so using the name French baskets. 


1. All prices in Dollar are net. Those shown in currencies other than Dollars are given for information only. They are subject to change at any time without notice, knowing that the items will be charged on the basis in effect at the time of the order.
2. Prices quoted on French Baskets are valid at the time of consultation by the client or during the period indicated.
3. The prices charged are those in effect at the time of ordering.
4. The charges are paid by us as well as VAT and other taxes. Where the customs would ask you to VAT, we will refund the value of the VAT voucher on our site.


1. The Customer chooses the payment method from those offered by french-baskets : Visa - Mastercard - Paypal.
2. Payment is made in accordance with Terms of the Payment System available at www.paypal.com
3. When paying by credit card, delivery speed of the transaction to Customer's account is made for goods to be delivered within fifteen days of "electronic receipt" issued to the Customer. However, french-baskets cancel the order if he was not able to honor it and notify the Customer.


Transportation is provided by La Poste. Goods travel at our own risk we take responsibility of transporting our baskets. It is the customer to verify the contents of the package at the time of delivery and to make reservations if the carrier by registered letter or extrajudicial document within three days of receipt. Where the return is motivated by reasons other than damage during transport or non-compliance with the description, the customer will pay the original shipping and that the burden equal to 15% of the value of the returned objects.


Products sold by french-baskets.com are new and guaranteed against defects. Images and descriptions of french-baskets are as accurate and comprehensive as possible, to give an idea of the products. We offer handcrafted french baskets, so they are UNIQUE and may differ slightly from one room to another in terms of color, patterns, dimensions, etc .... If an item is defective or not compliant, we are committed to an exchange standard in the measurement of stocks, or if the references are out of stock the customer will choose a product with a price equivalent , provided that it is returned in its original packaging and accompanied by the invoice matching french-baskets within 15 days of receipt of the parcel.


You are Client french-baskets.com. Once you register you will be recognized as a Client of french-baskets.com you can choose a password, it is strictly confidential and personal. In any case, it should be divulged or communicated to anyone. If you happen to lose or forget your password, you are responsible for preventing a very short time the site manager at french.baskets@gmail.com, which will issue in 48hours a new password that will automatically supersede the old. To facilitate your identification spoke simultaneous delivery of the e-mail address and password, you expressly authorize french-baskets.com to file on your hard drive a file called "cookie" for the sole purpose of facilitating identification of said .
This identification, allowing you, in your future orders, not having to complete forms again prior to placing an order. 


The Client has a special right of withdrawal, he can exercise without cause within seven (7) days after delivery of the control to be exercised by the return at the expense of new products (in their original packaging, unworn, unwashed) with the order number to our address). The Company will reimburse the Client french-baskets.com the sums already paid, minus any shipping charges. Refunds products will be made by the Company french baskets within a maximum of 30 days after receipt by it of such products. Reimbursement will be made following the same method of payment chosen by the customer when their order (paypal) or by delivery of voucher.


These are the packages that were not delivered to the final destination for the following reasons: IASP, unclaimed, refused, transport damage, theft ... 11.1: Returns due to bounces: These are the packages returned by the provider responsible for delivery in the statement: do not live at this address. After receiving and accepting your package by us, french-baskets.com will contact the client to send back their order (shipping costs for the customer) if the product is still available or to reimburse the order by customer demand. french-baskets.com reserves the right to redeem the order and not returning it in the case where several bounces are identified. 11.2: Returns due to "UNCLAIMED" These are the packages that have not been claimed by the customer at the post office, or point relay the deadline. After receiving and accepting your package by us, french-baskets.com will contact the client to send back their order (shipping costs for the customer) if the product is still available or to reimburse the order by customer demand. french-baskets.com reserves the right to redeem the order and not returning it in case several "UNCLAIMED" would be identified. 11.3: Returns due to "DECLINED" You refused your order upon delivery. After receiving and accepting your package by us, french-baskets will contact the client to send back their order (shipping costs for the customer) if the product is still available or to reimburse the order as requested by the customer. When returning a package for the causes "bounces", "NOT CLAIMED" or "DECLINE", french-baskets does not guarantee the reservation of items ordered and will be brought to the payment of the order if the or products are available.


1.french-baskets is solely responsible for the content of its offer and the commitments it makes in particular those relating to delivery times. 2. french-baskets is only entitled to the express exclusion paypal to process all claims or disputes relating to the product sold or service provided, its delivery / supply or payment. If the dispute relates to payment transactions, the bank or the third party payment system will be available. Proof of transaction 1. The data recorded by paypal on the platform on behalf of french-baskets constitute proof of all commercial transactions made by french-baskets and its Clients. 2. The data recorded by the payment system used and chosen by the client (bank or otherwise) constitutes proof of all financial transactions performed by french-baskets, its customers and said institution (or other body). .


The products offered comply with French legislation in force. french-baskets disclaims any responsibility if the article fails to comply with the laws of the country of delivery french-baskets disclaims any liability for breach of contract due to force majeure (strike, flood, fire ...) . french-baskets disclaims any responsibility for the content of sites on which hyperlinks may return from its own site.


These general conditions of sale and the prices are agreed and accepted by the buyer, who declares and admits having a perfect knowledge, and gives up, thereby to invoke any contradictory document, including its own Terms of purchase, the purchase act involving acceptance of these terms and conditions. These terms may be changed at any time without notice.



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