In France, people continue to use French baskets to go to the market and do their shopping.
But it was in the 1950s that super star Brigitte Bardot went barefoot to Saint-Tropez with her French basket and launched the fashion for baskets at the same time as the bikini.

We wanted to promote this fashion, and bring it up to date, while keeping its spirit.

Since 2005, we have opened our online store, at the same time creating our own workshop.
We offer new collections every year, create new models and keep the classics that we improve.

We love baskets, really, and nothing makes us more proud than seeing the women of the world happy and proud to wear it.

A French basket is a product made entirely by hand, with natural and biodegradable materials, it is today the ideal bag, ecological, durable and also aesthetic.

Take pleasure in discovering our products!

About Us French Baskets
About Us French Baskets